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Headshots. Classic or Creative?

Headshots….The number one service I have been asked lately if I offer. The answer is yes.

First impressions are everything. In todays world of social media, your first impression is seldom your initial meeting. Whether your a corporate professional, performer, or a business owner, your headshot is essentially your visual first impression. Let us help you nail it.

If you are a professional looking to have a classic shot taken or a performer looking for a more creative approach, having professional headshots taken is always a good investment. I mean, if you have followed me personally on social, you would know I am a fan of a good selfie just like anyone else but even with my personal branding I have been stepping my game up. Making the investment for a quality headshot can portray to your prospects your commitment to quality and professionalism and show you mean business.

Another plus side of making the investment, is headshots can be used in more than one way and can keep your branding looking consistent. From your social profile pictures, to your websites about me page, to marketing handouts and business cards, with the right approach, people you know or have yet to meet, will already have a face to put to your name. You will want to keep these current as well, so if it has been a few years since your last shoot, lets get them updated and relevant.

We can perform the shots on-site or we can work together to find a more creative location. Not sure how to pose? Don’t worry, we will direct you every step of the way to make sure we are getting the best lighting and angles. Not sure which style is right for you? Let’s chat about your overall goals and plan your shoot!

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