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My Beginner Canon DSLR 2000D/T7 Basic Run Down

I often get asked what is a good beginner camera? I wanted to share the camera set up I really started with and the likes and dislikes I experienced.

The Set Up:

What I was looking for when getting a DSLR to start my journey into nature photography, I wanted something budget friendly, good quality, and something easy to use. Canon has always been my preferred choice so after doing some research I settled on the Canon 2000D/T7 Bundle that came with a kit 18-55MM Lens. Shortly after, I added the 75-300 zoom lens so I could really get the shots I wanted. See the link to the lens and bundle below. (*Note the bundle I purchased is not available, the link is pretty identical.

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My Take on the Equipment:

What I really liked about the bundle as a whole was I really received all the basic items I needed to get started and some extras like the lens filters and attachments I could play around with to get different effects.

Shot using the Canon 2000D with the 18-55MM lens and Pink HD Filter. Image is unedited shot at 34MM, ISO100, F9, 1/200s.

The camera itself is easy to use and navigate. Images come out well with the more Point & Shoot modes like Auto but really I learned how to shoot manual with this camera. (I dive deeper into shooting modes at a later date.) The LCD screen is easy to ready and navigate to make sure your images are going to come out properly exposed. The camera does have Wi-Fi capabilities and it did easily pair to the Canon Connect app making remote shooting or transferring fairly simple from your phone. For nature and landscape this camera produces more than adequate images, but of course in no comparison to a mirrorless body. Personally I did not take many portrait photos with the camera.

The 18-55MM lens was my go to for landscape shots and generally with the right camera settings my photos came out crisp under varying light conditions. I did like that the auto focus is easy and quick on this lens as well. For an entry level lens/camera combo, I was happy with the images this produced.

The 75-300MM lens was my go to for capturing my macro style and wildlife shots. Generally, I was happy with this lens if shooting in the right lighting conditions and able to use a low ISO and high shutter speed. I found trying to take photos in less than ideal lighting conditions, my images came out with a lot of noise. With the lens, I always made sure I was shooting in the raw format so any imperfections in the image I could more easily correct in post editing. Here are some of the unedited shots from the 75-300MM below. The focused points came out pretty crisp, but there are some aberrations and color correcting that needs to be done.

EF75-300MM ISO100 300MM F6.3 1/250s

EF75-300MM ISO100 250MM F8 1/500s

My huge dislike with this camera was the video quality. Although I did give up rather quickly because the videos I did take were no better than using my IPhone to be honest. Just for making quick reels for my personal page, I did not dive into using the video on the 2000D much at all and I did not find it worth the time to edit/take over using my phone. Perhaps if I spent more time on it my opinion could’ve changed. When it comes to my Canon R5, the video quality is fantastic but that will be for a later post.

Overall I loved using this camera and have been able to produce some pretty great images with it. Whether your are looking for a camera as a hobbyist or a beginner into selling photography, this is a great, budget friendly choice in the DSLR Range of Canon Cameras. I myself have sold images from this camera and lens combo through the Rock and Leaf Site and as a Shutterstock and Adobe contributor as well. Although this did take some post processing through Lightroom and Photoshop to correct any flaws either in my shooting style or camera and lens limitations.

Also, because I am addicted to looking at cameras, gear, and other equipment. I have not personally used these but here are a few other top rated bundles that I would recommend as well to start your photography or content creation journey that won’t break the bank!

*Post contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase an item through one of our clickable links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. To view our policies & terms click here

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