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Sigma 85MM F1.4 DG HSM Art Lens

From the moment I put this lens on my Canon R5 I was in love. The Sigma Art 85MM 1.4 DG HSM lens is an investment I am glad I made to add to my arsenal of glass. This fixed lens is also a value compared to the Canon 85MM but I have not had any sacrifice in quality or speed. The 85MM has an aperture range of f/1.4 – f/16, Stepping Motor AF System, and features five SLD elements. I also like the weather-sealed design because I use this for basically every style I shoot.

Shop the bundle I purchased and see the full specs here:

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Here are a couple of my shots in different styles with this lens:

The Bokeh:

The Bokeh Effect I have been able to achieve with this camera has been incredible. My focus subject comes out sharp and as precise as needed in day or night conditions. Shot ISO100 F.14 1/20s.


If I have enough shooting space, I love to use this lens for portraits. This lens keeps my subjects crisp and blurs the background nicely even while trying to shoot my energetic nephew :). The Sigma 18mm-35mm Art I use if space indoors is limited. Shot ISO100, f1.4, 1/30s.

The Night Shots:

This is my go to lens for night photography. All my images come out with minimal to no noise or chromatic abberations. I have gotten crisp, colorful, and clear images every shot. Shot ISO100, f1.4, 1/100s.


I switch out this lens often when shooting more nature/landscape photography. I love the the depth that I can get with the lens and the color accuracy is amazing. Shot ISO100, f11, 1/250s.

Subject Shots:

Another feature I love about this lens is the speed. Recent car shoot I performed outdoors. Again I can’t say enough of about the clarity and detail I get with this lens from the subject to the background. Shot ISO100, f1.8, 1/6400s.


Love that I can still use this lens to get a bit of a macro shot. As with all the other styles of shoots I like to do the subject comes out detailed and crisp but I can still achieve that nice blurred background. Shot ISO100, f1.8, 1/100s.

The 85MM was my first experience with the Sigma brand. I have since bought the 18mm-35mm Art and have a couple more sitting in my cart. It is an investment, but if you are looking to dive into more professional shots, it is one I would not procrastinate on. Coming from kit lenses this lens was a game changer for me!

Thanks for reading and see you at the next post!

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